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    Yasu wrote:


    I will see what I can do . I was suggesting that the team branch into hardware delvelopment in addition to software development and I wonder why they wouldn't do so,

    There is a very very simple reason for this. They barely have time to work on the software. Where are they gonna find time to work on hardware as well?

    Second: if MIPS is growing as you claim, why is Imagine doing so poorly?

    Third: why would I want to run MorphOS - a desktop OS - on a set top box? I want a computer that I can expand and do desktop stuff with, not just watch Netflix.

    Yeah, and I want hardware being as widely available as possible, and staying so after the production has finished. I don't have any interest to end up the situation where for example OS4 is now, where new machines are available on small batches who knows when and no used machines market at all.

    Not to talk about all the risks ending up with buggy hardware like it has happened for example with Pegasos1 and early AmigaOnes. There's absolutely no point hanging in custom OS tied hardware solutions in this age and these resources, and the pace HW is moving forward. It was a totally different case with a big company like Commodore at those times when you really could be innovative and different on hw design... but those times are long gone.

    Support for Macs has been the best move ever with MorphOS. You can get machines from your own country, even from your own city, and there will be replacement machines available for a long time. Just no point to waste resources to HW development which will obsolete itself in commercial sense very quickly, even before the SW support is finished. It's just better to go with as common as possible machines which are suitable for our needs.
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