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    I will see what I can do . I was suggesting that the team branch into hardware delvelopment in addition to software development and I wonder why they wouldn't do so,

    There is a very very simple reason for this. They barely have time to work on the software. Where are they gonna find time to work on hardware as well?

    Second: if MIPS is growing as you claim, why is Imagine doing so poorly?

    Third: why would I want to run MorphOS - a desktop OS - on a set top box? I want a computer that I can expand and do desktop stuff with, not just watch Netflix.



    When you try something, you may or may not succeed, when you don't try it, you're garanteed not to succeed.

    That only applies when you have something to show. Like my writer dad said: you can have a whole novel finished in your head. You still have to write it down in order for it to count. All you have is an idea you want others to make a reality. You have no plan and no money. So it really doesn't count as "trying".

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