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    I think you mean well, and you've obviously put some work in, but your arguments are a bit strange.
    I had a read through rebirth.txt and here's answers to some of the points:

    BTW Spell checking is usually a good idea. As is using something other than .txt, it looks really amateurish.

    You use an argument about ARM server chips as a reason to use MIPS in a convergence box. These are unrelated markets so this argument doesn't make sense.

    You also have quite obviously not done your market research.

    You can already buy boxes that already do most of the same functions for very low prices.
    It does appear that you can't get a box that does *all* the functions, but thats only a matter of time.

    OS wise, Android pretty much has this market sewn up. The open source version is free, good luck competing with that.

    There's no need for a special SoC. There's a whole row of Chinese chip makers who will happily sell you an incredibly cheap 64-bit multi-core chip that does everything required.

    The whole argument for Fast-Mem made sense in the days when the display took a significant amount of memory bandwidth and the CPU had little or no cache. Those days have long gone. I have an iPad pro and it has a 5MP screen. Even 32-bit colour at 60FPS is only 2% of the memory bandwidth. RLDRAM might be useful for something really high end (and expensive) but that's not going to be a convergence box.

    The proposed box also includes interfaces that were obsolete years ago - PCMCIA ???

    As for the building processor, expecting people to work on it for free is not only ridiculous, it's illegal.
    You need a big team of engineers any they don't come cheap. Then there's all the hardware and *extremely* expensive EDA software you need and a boat load of multi-million dollar licenses. Oh, and you'll need a supercomputer to simulate it.
    There's a reason most companies have given up chip development, it's very, very expensive.

    I can see some people would like to see a commercial use for MorphOS but it's getting increasingly difficult to find anywhere that it'd be useful. Security is very important these days and MorphOS doesn't have any I'm aware of.

    Want a bigger user base? Port it to Raspberry Pi.
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