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    >> I don't know if anyone is even developing a MIPs server chip,
    >> never mind a competitive one.

    > the market needs a server processor which is power efficient

    Where is it? Which current MIPS core is suited for that?

    >> http://www.adapteva.com/andreas-blog/semiconductor-economics-101/
    >> I estimate development of a SoC as described by you would cost at
    >> least 150 million USD.

    > it may be possible to pay a cost per unit produced for the IP licencing, this allows much
    > lower upfront costs (but much higher total costs).

    Due to its single CPU core, the SoC wouldn't be popular with anything other than single-core operating systems such as Amiga-like OS. I doubt IP licensors would go without fixed licensing fee in this case.

    > For the cost of the hardware engineers, the key is to have only 3 engineers to
    > keep costs reasonnable. This cost can be brought even lower if we find some who
    > are former Amiga users and do it as a labour of love [...].

    The chip you described (multi-GHz, GPU, hardware overlay, SATA, USB3, GbE, IP hardware offloading, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NOR flash, DCT/IDCT/FFT/IFFT, layer-4 protocol checksum offloading, IR decoding, GDDR3-SGRAM and RLDRAM3 controllers) would be a very complex SoC. Three or less engineers developing this SoC in their spare time would need something like a decade to get it ready for the market. In conclusion, I still think you're a dreamer.
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