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    I think so... Why continue only on big endian if WE rewrite the whole operating system breaking the backward compatibility ? We must introduce many features like memory protection and smp and...

    Compatibility does NOT have to be sacrificed if we run new apps in a separate box (outside Abox).

    They would not be integrated, which mean that the same thing (separated new and old binaries and their data) could be achieved by running the *old* environment in a separate box instead, like UAE. This correctly brings the primary focus to the new OS with the evolved features, and the legacy compatibility becomes even higher since also the Amiga HW is "present" through emulation.


    Again, incorrect.
    This was discussed awhile ago.
    Integration with one copy of Ambient for both boxes, possibly upgraded to hypervisor status, with pipelines and threads enabled for both boxes.
    Not only could you maintain 31 bit compatibility, but you could farm some processes out to the 64 bit part of the system.
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