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    >> Who is going to develop and manufacture this 2 GHz single-core P6600-based
    >> SoC with PowerVR GT7900 GPU for the MorphOS team?

    > The MorphOS team could take on board a chip designer, as there are people able
    > to do this in the Amiga world. As an alternative, Imagination Technologies could
    > be asked to do it (they supply services around their own cores). We may get them
    > to do so in exchange for an operating system. [...] a more interesting arrangement
    > could be: the MorphOS supplies an operating system for free to Imagination and in
    > exchange, they design the SoC for free for the MorphOS team.

    I don't think you know what you are talking about here. To me, you sound clueless regarding the resources required to design and manufacture a modern IC as complex as a multi-GHz SoC.

    > The higher end MIPS processors [...] are only used in a moderate number of chinese
    > smartphones and tablets.

    Loongson has been intended for routers, netbooks/laptops, desktop computers, servers and supercomputers.

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