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    All your convergence box things is pretty 2000ish. Markets have long moved on.
    You know where the future is? Look for example to the new Samsung Galaxy S7. That's how the market evolves., Who cares about some strange set top boxes. They are yesteryears technology.

    My guess for the future:
    Real potent mobile phones, plus a few tablets will cater maintream consumer computer needs. Special purpose/geeks will stay laptop/big box.

    The smartphone market is no option to target (unless you have quite some billions to burn).
    Normal/classic computers will stay. The so called Wintel duo is lonhg gone. Intel is no more that tightly bound to MS. Intel is just a chip provider.
    Why Intel above ARM? All those ├╝bercheap ARM solutions are usually pretty closed stuff (mostly allwinner SoCs). Intel is comparatively open and powerful. Is there any sanely priced cpu out there which can compete against an i7 in performance (total and per core)?
    I don't see that. And why this "ugly" Intel? Well, because it just works. And as a coder I don't need to mess around with any x86 legacy stuff. The best compilers avaialble are for x64. It's the de facto standard of the IT industry. Why looking for problems when there are none?

    Sorry, all in all I don't think your strategy is the right one.
    And honestly I don't feel the urgent need to make MorphSO mainstream at all. I would very, very, very welcome a significant increase of users, but MorphOS doesn't need _millions_ of users to be nice. It's even nice already with just this handfull of users (albeit it definitely is too few!). If MorphOS NG gets say 20.000 - 50.000 users it can easily sustain in a healthy tiny niche which operates way under the radar (which has some pretty advantages).

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