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    > the change of ownership has just happened.

    ...3 years ago.

    > the networking gear manufacturers are switching from PPC to MIPS,
    > the printer manufacturers are switching from PPC to MIPS

    They are switching from PPC, yes. Have you got any sources backing up the claim they are switching to MIPS?

    > the chinese are embracing MIPS as their favorite platform

    They are embracing anything from ARM (too many to mention) over MIPS (Loongson, XBurst) and SPARC (FeiTeng) to Power (OpenPOWER CP1) and even Alpha (ShenWei). There's even a custom ISA called MVP.
    Edit: As has been established meanwhile, ShenWei uses another Chinese custom ISA which does not resemble Alpha ISA.

    > The real reason why PPC is loosing ground is [...] because the two main companies
    > behind it are not trying to push it. Until [...] the creation of the OpenPower
    > consortium, IBM only developped the Power Architecture for its own computers.

    As you're indicating, IBM actually *is* trying to push (its implementation of) Power Architecture through OpenPOWER since 2½ years ago. Better late than never.

    > Freescale [...] only care

    Freescale does not care about anything anymore ;-)


    > about their three main lucrative markets: automotive, industrial and aerospace
    > and do not care about the rest of the world. They almost respond to the loss of
    > the printer and router market by shrugging their shoulders.

    NXP (Ex-Freescale) cares about many more markets, including printers/imaging and routers/networking/telecom, just not (exclusively) with Power Architecture anymore but (also) with ARM.

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