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    I you read the file rebirth.txt carefully, you may wish to skip this message (it is unfortunately a bit long), since acepeg states points which are addressed in the file, I am answering his points by quoting a few parts of the file. I will address points which are not treated in the file in a second message for ease of reading.

    > The only way to be mainstream again is to have money.... For now i think it's impossible.
    > To be mainstream we must have an hardware partner wich produce stuning machines at low cost.
    > We must have a bigger team to develop the operating system and Morphos should be more secured than
    > now for viruses and hack.
    I agree that to go upfront against the Wintel duo would require huge amounts of money and for MorphOS to try to do this would be foolish. There is however potential for disruptive technology. This is why I suggest to exploit an untapped market (the tv world convergence box) and using it as a back door (through a desktop upgrade kit) to reconquer a fraction of the desktop market. Have you even read the file rebirth.txt? In the file I state the following (in section 2a):
    > There is one market which is still underdevelopped, the boxes which are plugged on the TV.
    > There is particularly an absence of that elusive convergence box. [...]
    > A typical cord-cutters media setup includes the following:
    > DVD or Blu-Ray player: to play back movies
    > OTA-television DVR: to watch and/or record TV programming [...]
    > Game console: for playing of big studio games
    > Roku, AppleTV or equivalent: for OTT streaming, casual games and streaming from one's NAS

    > This list is obviously a problem, not only will many people find that there are too many boxes,
    > but it doesn't even cover all one may want to do with the living room video display (TV).
    > There are many more potential functions:

    > Play indie games (consoles mostly have big studio games)
    > Play high quality amateur (free) games
    > Allow children to play educational games
    > Acess textual data services (news, weather, road traffic, etc.)
    > Watch/record a video filmed with one's cameraphone / tablet / digital camcorder
    > View interactive multimedia content
    > View HBBTV
    > etc.

    >These functions in the second list, combined with those of the first list, could be combined in a convergence box.
    > Here are some facts about the above liste:
    to see the facts, please refer to the file rebirth.txt (section 2a) as this message is becoming unreasonably long

    I also state (in section 2c):
    > In the same way as an upgrade kit was sold which transformed a playstation 2 into a rudimentary computer,
    > an upgrade kit should be sold which allows to use the convergence box as a basic computer. [...]
    > For MorphOS users, this would have the advantage of garanteeing a sufficient number of applications
    > and games in the "TV mode" which would cover multimedia needs and gaming; while at the same time
    > it would allow to run software started from the workbench environment [...]

    > Offering such an upgrade kit, [...] would also be useful to other people, mostly those who only wish
    > to add web browsing and document viewing to using a media/gaming center. Some people do not need
    > a full computer and will be satisfied by that, while other people have many computers with one or more
    > of them only used for basic capability (ex: web browsing), capabilities for which the upgrade kit would
    > be sufficient to constitute a replacement.

    > Finally, over the time, it may be possible to educate the customers to make them realize that the
    > TV functions convergence box with the upgrade kit is usable as more than a said box with added
    > web-browsing and document viewing, and as such, it may be possible to reconquer [a small] part
    > of the desktop market.
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