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    > discuss the content of rebirth.txt


    > Here are some suggestion for hardware components: [...]
    > the main SoC
    > SoC containing the following licenced IP cores:
    > MIPS p6600 2Ghz single core processor 64kb+64kb L1+L1 instruction+data cache
    > PowerVR GT7900: comes from the same company as the MIPS processor
    > [...] there is only one cpu core (better for MorphOS)
    > [...]
    > For the cost of IP cores, it may be possible to negociate a fee per unit produced
    > instead of an upfront cost. [...] the most likely path to success would be through
    > an arrangement with Imagination Technologies, makers of the MIPS processor. [...]
    > In exchange for being supplied with one of the best operating systems in the world,
    > they cound supply some advantage in return such as financing the development or,
    > at worst, a discount on the IP licencing cost for the hardware project.

    Who is going to develop and manufacture this 2 GHz single-core P6600-based SoC with PowerVR GT7900 GPU for the MorphOS team? And as soon as this SoC exists, who is going to develop and manufacture a mainboard for it?
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