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    The MIPS market is growing.

    From nothing to slightly more than nothing? This was also the case of PPC in the mid 90's, but then PPC had a world leading company supporting it and one of the most famous companies using it (Apple). With Apple the future looked brighter and brighter for PPC until the early 2000. Everyone knew about Apple and PPC, only geeks know about MIPS.

    In the end Dave Haynie was right: with only one influential company using it against hundreds using Intels it was only a matter of time before their processors surpassed the PPC. Intel was selling hundreds of millions of processors every year against the PPC's millions, which translated to a lot more money for R&D for Intel. I don't see how MIPS can stay ahead or relevant for the very same reason.

    If MorphOS is going to use a non standard, mostly unused processor with hardly any consumer hardware (if any) the Team might just as well stick with PPC forever.
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