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    The only way to be mainstream again is to have money.... For now i think it's impossible. To be mainstream we must have an hardware partner wich produce stuning machines at low cost. We must have a bigger team to develop the operating system and Morphos should be more secured than now for viruses and hack. We must grant also an anti-piracy system full of fucking DRM. Because big firm will not invest... So i think in this way with killer apps and games we can be mainstream. But the actual morphos team will not find any pleasure with à such à way. They are working for there plesure and they want certinly to improve morphos but they won't kill themselve in building a mainstream operating system full of security and DRM . the world have changed. Big firm like adobe,Microsoft, electronic arts and others are building must have software and if you want them on your operating system you must have ......much money

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