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    > x86 is, x64 isn't.
    x86-64 is one more execution mode on top of the horrible x86. If they made x64 circuits without x86 backward compatibility, maybe you would have a point.

    >> ARM servers are [...] still unavailable
    Well, I guess you proved that there are some ARM servers arriving, I wouldn't say that they are currently the slightest competition to x86 though. It is still however true that the power efficiency of ARM CPUs becomes somewhat dissapointing once you raise the clockspeed. In other words, they are not what datacenter operators hoped them to be, in other words they are not the machines which would finally allow them to significantly lower their energy bills (those devices would merely allow to lower energy consumption a little).

    > PPC died because of lack of support. Isn't MIPS in danger of going the same path here?
    The MIPS market is growing. While it was going badly in the past, the change of ownership to Imagination Technologies is bringing some new growth. Unlike the previous owner, Imagination knows how to sell the thing.

    If you only address the bit of content quoted in my initial message (which is merely a bit of context for the proposal which is in the files), you are going to miss the point.
    The topic, isn't about simply discussing which CPU for the future of MorphOS, in which case several architectures may be a viable solution. It is about a specific strategic commercial approach to make an Amiga-like operating system mainstream again (and no I am not saying that simply changing CPUs would make the platform popular). PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read the two linked files (especially rebirth.txt) and discuss the content of rebirth.txt, otherwise, as I said, you will miss the point.
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