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    > ARM servers are [...] still unavailable


    > another instruction set [...] uses the big endian byteorder [...]. This instruction set
    > is the MIPS instruction set. [...] the MIPS platform is the obvious best way to go for
    > an Amiga-like platform.

    Endianness depends on the specific microarchitecture.


    The MIPS64r6-based Warrior P6600 core does seem to support big-endian, though.

    > Imagination Technologies has signed over 20 new licensors these last years

    Wouldn't these be licensees?

    > I can help with such a project, it would not be with programming since I am no
    > programmer, just a (very) educated layperson. [...] I have [...] ideas to improve
    > the performance of the code

    Is this supposed to sound convincing? ;-)
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