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    Sometime ago, I wrote to the MorphOS team about an idea for the future of MorphOS,
    having received no answer, I am putting it here for all to analyze and discuss, so
    please read the initial message and the two files, comment and discuss:

    Here is the original message which I sent to the MorphOS team (slightly edited):
    > Hello to all the MorphOS team. First let me tell you who I am, my name is
    > [removed for privacy], I was an Amiga user in the past. I beg you to read
    > this message and the attached files without trashing it and to pass it
    > around the team. I am writing about the future of Amiga-like operating
    > systems on the market. I have analyzed the market and have concluded that
    > it is possible for an amiga-like systems to become common again. This was
    > not true 10 or even 5 years ago.
    > This message was written due to my realization that there was a spot in
    > the market for an Amiga-like operating system again combined to the fact
    > that the powerpc is a dead-end, as the team has already stated. The team
    > has, in the past already stated that it thinks that moving the system to
    > the x86 or ARM platform is the only way for the longer term. I have to
    > disagree. The x86 architecture is an ugly monstrosity with several
    > execution modes, endless extensions, inssuficient registers and is
    > generally disgustly unclean. The x86 deployment has plateaud and will
    > hopefully start to reduce its market share (I detail why this is likely
    > in the attached file in the market analysis section). Before you think I
    > am crazy, I am not saying that it will dissapear, simply that it will
    > loose market share compared to now. The ARM architecture on the other
    > hand, while much more clean, still has several execution modes and it is
    > not the solution to everything that some tout it to be. For one, it is
    > literally a toy, scaling poorly in power. Its power efficiency becomes
    > poor as the clock speed increases. In fact it is the spiritual successor
    > of the MOS 6502 and was designed as such, the makers originally made it
    > as a RISC successor of the 6502. The design will probably not become
    > popular, for example, in the server market contrarly to what is commonly
    > said (this is detailed in the attached file). The ARM servers are
    > supposed to be out since three years ago yet are still unavailable for a
    > good reason. Finally the ARM native byteorder is little endian (it does
    > however have limited big endian support) rather than the big endian of
    > the Amiga. On the other hand another instruction set is making a comeback
    > and could be declined in both server and mobile chips, is perfectly clean
    > and optimal and is extremely power efficient, allowing high performance
    > with low power and low heat dissipation, uses the big endian byteorder of
    > both the Amiga and the Internet. This instruction set is the MIPS
    > instruction set. It is making a comeback (Imagination Technologies has
    > signed over 20 new licensors these last years), becoming popular again in
    > printers, networking gear as well as chinese mobile devices. While I
    > would prefer ARM to the x86 architecture, the MIPS platform is the
    > obvious best way to go for an Amiga-like platform.
    > In the attached file called rebirth.txt I detail everything from the market
    > analysis to the way to go about the hardware. Of course, I supply a
    > rationale for everything I write because a suggestion without a
    > justification is worthless.
    > In the other file, I state how I can help with such a project, it would
    > not be with programming since I am no programmer, just a (very) educated
    > layperson. It goes without saying that I would help as much as I can and
    > that I would do so for free.
    > Please think about it, either MorphOS could remain a small alternative
    > hobbyist platform which will never be popular, or it can become "the new
    > Amiga", being truly used and liked by many people again.
    > I have lots more ideas and trics to improve the chances of success and
    > ideas to improve the performance of the code, however, they will be sent
    > later on.
    > Again, to all the team, please read the documents and discuss them.
    > Note: the documents are in the plain text format.

    The documents are here:

    Do not hesitate to dissect the proposal and discuss it. If you think it is not doable, please say why, don't remain silent.

    Edit: after reading the first few replies, I wish to add that the proposal, which I recommand that you read and dissect, is in the file rebirth.txt. The content of the message which I initially sent to the MorphOS team is merely a bit of context to the proposal which follows, If you all only address that content, you will merely discuss a small point, which, taken without the remaining, is of medium importance and you will never get to dicussing the main point. Please make sure to read the files and to discuss the content of rebirth.txt as it is the main part.

    Note, reading the documents again, I realised that there are quite a few minor errors, even though I checked the document for errors many times in the past, and one major one which prevents major understanding. The major one is the following, i state:
    > The MUI framework should be split in two, a generic part !include!d in the proprietary framework, supplied with Amiga E bindings
    The second part of the sentence is missing, I wanted to say: a generic part !include!d in the proprietary framewors, supplied with Amiga E bindings and the other part, containing workbench oriented functions, which should be !include!d in the upgrade kit which turns the box in a desktop computer.

    Please note: this message is mostly a cross-post from a topic on the Warmup forum.

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