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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > The X1000 has been out for 4 years [...]. 3 years to get audio running?
    > [...] come on, 3 years?

    Just to avoid any misunderstanding that may occur to other readers: OS4 support for the X1000's onboard audio appeared 1½ years after X1000 release.


    Thanks, sorry I misspoke and was off. Maybe I'm grumpy tonight or it's sour grapes but when someone is trying to sell me something this expensive the darn thing should work 100% from day 1. Linux drivers are grand and all, but if I'm paying a premium for an "Amiga", I'm more concerned with the Amiga part working than anything else.

    To be fair, we knew that full support wasn't going to be completed for release (why?! Grrr) but it's still irksome at this price. And let's not mention OS4.2 :) I guess that's the main reason why I'm not in a lather to get an X5000 right away, if ever.
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