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    BSzili wrote:
    If I had to choose between an ISA change and better support for the currently supported PPC hardware, I'd prefer the latter. Look at what goes on with OS4, they are constantly preoccupied with supporting new hardware, leaving existing users with almost no support.

    This is the thing that frustrates me the most about Aeon/Hyperion. The X1000 has been out for 4 years but all the spiffy hardware on the motherboard isn't fully supported yet. 3 years to get audio running? I've got zero experience writing device drivers but, come on, 3 years? And what the heck was the point in paying for the Xena that nothing beyond a hobbyist board supports?

    I love AmigaOS, have boatloads of classics tripped out, a 460 and an X1000. I've gotten into MorphOS. At this point, with the track record that Aeon/Hyperion has with development time or even finishing anything, I doubt that I'll spend any more money for OS4 software / hardware.

    I respect and appreciate Trevor for his good intentions and investment in a dream, but honestly, the end result seems to be a complete failure. They've lost money on everything to date, deliver everything years late if ever, and the decisions that they're making for the future just seems pointless and doomed to more disappointment.

    Right now, I see more value in supporting MorphOS for future "Amiga" experiences. They're meeting their promises and, more importantly, looking to and MOVING TOWARDS the future not just trying to reinvent the past. If I want a "real" Amiga experience, I'll continue to invest in my classic hardware. For the rest, I'll invest in MorphOS. I just don't see any point in investing more time and money in overpriced, underperforming vaporware.

    I guess now I'm blue :)
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