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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:



    the pre-release version of the Pegasos mainboard was primarily a tool for testing MorphOS.

    But this kind of opposes the idea that the Betatester was "combinations of pre-release
    versions of the Pegasos as well as pre-release versions of MorphOS", doesn't it?

    Not at all. Acknowledging that a piece of hardware required for testing software is not ready to be sold to end consumers [...] does not automatically imply that there is any expectation that having it evaluated and tested by external parties would yield any new insights of notable value.

    This may be, but I don't see the relation to my question, which essentially was whether what was called "Betatester" was the pre-release Pegasos board (as insinuated in some postings) or the pre-release Pegasos board plus pre-release MorphOS (as insinuated in other postings).

    This is a distinction without a difference. In order to be able to test software, that software would obviously need to be provided to people who are expected to test it - along with the required tester hardware, which is exactly what happened.

    Of course, once received, the tester hardware would stay the same during the testing phase while the software part would continously receive updates and change. Therefore, choosing a name that focuses on the single fixed element of a total package and its intented function would by no means be an unusual choice.
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