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    There's only 1 of those 3 been released so far. And even that 1 seems hard to come by judging by the vendor's availability status.

    Hence the:


    And they will be available long before this new hypothetical board will leave the planning stage. By this time, those who really want a PPC board will own one. And 2/3 of these currently selling ones will already be supported by MorphOS.

    Acube has stated that they will keep making SAM 460's.


    The Nemo board has been in the hands of end users for almost 4 years and I've yet to hear of any problems in terms of design faults or bad build quality. Varisys seems trustable here.

    Except for Epsilons broken X1000 you are right. I'm not talking about bad design here, only that bugs do creep in and mistakes are made in the building process. But the testers of the various PPC boards aren't that many which makes it harder to spot them. Apple is a huge company that lives on the image of "things just working" and "rigorus quality control". A-Eon and Acube caters to a hobbyist market of a couple of hundred users. I'm not saying at all that the two latter is not doing a good job with what they do, just that they lack the resourses Apple had for making good hardware.

    And 4 years isn't a long time. 10 years not so long either. Which is the age of my Mac Mini.

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