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    The _only_ real reason to buy any of these boards is to run AmigaOS 4 or MorphOS on them. It's not about power or anything, only that you absolutely want to buy new hardware from a tiny vendor instead of buying more powerful and much cheaper used PPC Macs. In AmigaOS 4's case the reason is obvious: no used PPC Macs. For MorphOS it makes a lot less sense.

    There are a few who will buy these boards for the fun of it, but they will be few. And they will be available long before this new hypothetical board will leave the planning stage. By this time, those who really want a PPC board will own one. And 2/3 of these currently selling ones will already be supported by MorphOS.

    People complain all the time that PPC Macs will eventually break down, which is of course true, but they at the same time buy much older Amigas (who are more prone of breaking down) without making a fuss about that. And people make no fuss about the fact that these new boards are made by a tiny company with little money to test and develop, which probably will make these boards more prone to having problems than boards made by huge corporations. People don't think about that either. There is a chance that my Mac Mini might outlive the X5000 for this reason.
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