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    Yasu wrote:

    A whole lot. And it won't make much sense now the SAM, X5000 and Tabor exist. The market is already full.

    OTOH none of those you mentioned makes a lot of sense, the Sam is both underpowered and overpriced, the X5000 is not state of the art either, even for PPC, not when it comes to performance, it does have its fair share of "stupid" attached to it (the "X" stuff that not even A-Eon themselves knows the purpose of) and it won't be cheap, and the Tabor is kind of broken by concept, no matter its price. And none of the X5000 or the Tabor is actually available.

    A powerful, well designed, reasonable priced motherboard could perhaps turn the table, making *the others* redundant.


    Intuition wrote:
    Perhaps crowd funding a new motherboard would be a good idea?

    I know I'd contribute to such a product depending on the specs and the official blessing of the MorphOS team obviously.

    I participated in the last attempt of a bounty-funded motherboard development. It didn't work.


    Intuition wrote:

    Good point. I'd support that with my money.

    Personally, I will support *products* with my money. Or at least clear promises. Or at least tangible projects.


    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > That would be a problem as MorphOS Team doesn't support non existing boards. You need
    > to make it first before they will start working on a port. Or so they keep saying at least.

    Would it even be feasible any other way?

    I agree, at the very least there would have to be a public commitment. And there are development boards one could use to evaluate or get development going before a motherboard is ready.


    Everblue wrote:
    I wonder if the MorphOS for x86 bounty idea should have its own thread.

    I see no need for a x86 bounty or a thread about a x86 bounty. It looks like it is happening anyway.


    Kronos wrote:
    For me it sounds like there is some goodwill regarding this project both by Freescale (providing the SoCs at a realistic price) and Genesi (creating the design "at cost").

    This could lead to a board with performance close to the X5000 while costing less than a SAM.
    I see a whole lot of "point" in that.

    Could very well be, but information is scarce, only one or a few vaguely written forum posts from BBRV. Could mean anything, more probable is it means nothing.
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