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    pampers wrote:...And is it possible to keep it "reasonably priced and reasonably powered" in such a small quantities? I doubt it.

    Reasonably powerful?
    Yes, I think that can be done.

    That is a trickier subject.

    For a Mini-ITX board featuring a 1.4 GHz T1042, just slightly higher than the Peg2 price quoted seems possible.

    But my own preference would be something more like a 1.8 GHz T2080, and that CPU costs what about three of the T10XXs goes for, and the board would likely be more complex as the T2080 could support more expansion slots.

    I'd pay about $350 for the former and $700 for the latter (possibly higher for both), as each (if SMP enabled) would outperform the X5000 (with the second board having a huge performance advantage).

    The first build is the easier to prototype as Freescale has similar reference boards.
    The second spec is unlike any existing boards I know of.

    Frankly, I really don't think CPU power is as much an issue here as is SMP and addressing a larger memory range.

    And if MorphOS is to move to X64, this could provide a more gradual staging for that move.

    Both of these ideas offer significant advantages over the products we are likely to see from A-eon for the next several years.

    So, the question really becomes, if A-eon thinks its going to sell at least 1000 Tabor boards and at least 500 X5000 boards, would there be a place for a lower volume board designed to cater more to OUR market than these?

    I am pretty sure a superior design is possible, AND that there would be enough buyers to justify runs of, say, 50 boards at a time.

    But it should be understood that these ideas are not born from practical concerns, but actually address what I and a few others would like to have available.

    And since I have a history of helping make what I want for myself available to others, I think 'why not do it again?'.
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