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    >>> the pre-release version of the Pegasos mainboard was primarily a tool for testing MorphOS.

    >> But this kind of opposes the idea that the Betatester was "combinations of pre-release
    >> versions of the Pegasos as well as pre-release versions of MorphOS", doesn't it?

    > Not at all. Acknowledging that a piece of hardware required for testing software is not ready to
    > be sold to end consumers [...] does not automatically imply that there is any expectation that
    > having it evaluated and tested by external parties would yield any new insights of notable value.

    This may be, but I don't see the relation to my question, which essentially was whether what was called "Betatester" was the pre-release Pegasos board (as insinuated in some postings) or the pre-release Pegasos board plus pre-release MorphOS (as insinuated in other postings).

    >> Either the tester is the Pegasos board that is used to test the testee MorphOS OR the tester
    >> is the combination of Pegasos board and MorphOS (which begs the question what the
    >> testee is) ;-)

    > The tester was the hardware, which, as previously explained, was a complete system initially.

    "Hardware" implies the Betatester was the board, whereas "complete system" implies the Betatester was the combination of hardware and the OS.
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