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    If you guys were already running MorphOS on your preferred architecture, then what? What would you be able to do that you can't already do?

    Primarily I need more cpu power and RAM for convenient browsing, hd video and demanding pdfs. Especially the RAM issue is important. It cannot improved (much) w/o breaking up binary compability. AmigaOS is virtually bound to 31 bit addressing. Going to a 64 bit (even going to use the full 32 bit or 36 bit many ppcs support) address space is a major change which will lead to a binary compability breakage.
    And while breaking binary compability add SMP and full resourse tracking and (maybe) MP, too.
    In short: make a MorphOS NG.
    And I don't care which ISA is used as long as it warrants fast, affordable and easily obtainable hardware. And in my book this is best fullfilled by x64 hardware.
    Additionally ISA related/dependent developments (like JS JIT) are easier on a widely spread architecture.

    On the other hand: MorphOS currently runs on ppc. A new modestly powerful board with a remotely reasonable price has its charme. I would actually welcome that. But only if it doesn't hinder MorphOS NG development.

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