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    And is it possible to keep it "reasonably priced and reasonably powered" in such a small quantities? I doubt it.

    What kind of quantities did the Pegasos I and Pegasos II sell? I got a Pegasos I w/April 2 ~12 years ago for $299 with teeshirt, MorphOS 1.3x and several games. IIR the Pegasos II went for ~$299-$499 depending on the config.

    For something more recent, I will (hopefully *) be getting a C64 Reloaded for $140.00 soon.


    While I understand this is lower tech running at a lower frequency, it is even lower volume by a far amount, and hand assembled with rare NOS chips.

    * Hopefully because they are hand assembled and only sold a few at a time. They are in such high demand, relatively, that Jens could jack the price up exponentially, but he doesn't. I say *hope* to get one because as soon as they are listed for sale they are snapped up. I'll have to be nimble.
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