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    amigadave wrote:
    Edit: I am also not supporting the idea of a community funded PPC motherboard at this point in time.

    Why not? I like competition. It has been parroted that it is impossible in 2015 to make a PPC board and sell it for a reasonable price. Even here on Morphzone we are being told A-Eonkit are borderline martyrs with their current pricing. Let's see some competition back in the market to find out if that is true.

    BTW the Tabor will be a trainwreck IMO. I can't imagine any scenario other than A-Eonkit losing gobs of money on R&D with that board. I'm rather surprised you see any value in it at all. I guess at this point your stances are just wanting to support the people behind A-Eonkit, and not the actual product.
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