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    I agree. We already have the SAM 460 and the upcoming X5000. We _really_ don't need any more PPC boards. They will probably never be cheap enough for me to get one of those instead of a used PPC Mac anyway.

    I much rather support the ISA shift. It will take it's time no matter what we do but anything to speed it up would be good.

    Another idea is to create a Patreon (donating a fixed sum every month) to a particular developer or to the entire team. I used to do this every month for AROS for almost 2 years. I think if we use Power2people it won't cost much, if any, fees.

    Yet another idea is to create a "beer-and-pizza" fund which the Team is free to use for that purpose (or coke and cookies if they prefer) when they code, individually or when they meet.

    It really depends on what they prefer, but the Team should not be intimidated by our "shut up and take our money" attitude. I know perfectly well I might not get my moneys worth back. And I don't care :-)
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