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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    Yes, but byname or not, something that is to be tested is usually referred to as "testee", not "tester" :-)

    It depends on what exactly the main object of your testing is. The idea behind the BETATESTER was to get systems into the hands of eager early adopters so they could help to improve the included operating system by reporting issues. Put differently, the pre-release version of the Pegasos mainboard was primarily a tool for testing MorphOS. Much like a person uses a "cooker" as a tool to cook food, the "BETATESTER" hardware was used to (beta)test MorphOS.

    While the hardware was also given the "pre-release" label, I think it is reasonable to say that there was no general expectation that testers would have the required capabilities to correctly identify and report hardware bugs, which would have been extremely difficult since the hardware was running software that was known to be unfinished and be the most likely source of problems.
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