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    Yasu wrote:
    That would be a problem as MorphOS Team doesn't support non existing boards. You need to make it first before they will start working on a port. Or so they keep saying at least.

    Since they have announced and actually begun work to move to x64 architecture, it makes no sense for them to become involved in more new PPC systems, but it is not beyond imagining that IF the MorphOS Dev. Team knew that it was going to take years to complete an architecture switch, and IF they also wanted to, they could help choose which components were to be used on a community funded, new motherboard design, and agree to support such a board when it was finished.

    That commitment could be stated prior to the board existing, but I doubt very much that such a plan will be put in place, and hopefully the switch to x64 will not take years to complete, counting from today, as work on it has already been begun some time in the past.

    Personally, I will be satisfied with a few releases which improve the performance and features of MorphOS on the hardware that is already supported, as we wait (hopefully only 6 to 18 months longer) for an x64 compatible version of MorphOS to be completed. If it is going to be significantly longer than that time frame, perhaps a newer, faster, and more modern, community funded PPC motherboard design would be worth while.

    Edit: I am also not supporting the idea of a community funded PPC motherboard at this point in time. I am hoping that the Tabor will be priced low enough, and perform well enough, so the MorphOS Dev. Team members will reconsider and reverse their decision NOT to support it. I doubt very much that there are enough AmigaOS4.x users to purchase 1000 Tabor systems and/or motherboards, but if MorphOS were ported to the Tabor, it would no doubt sell additional numbers of systems or motherboards. Once the Tabor is released for sale and we find out how well (or how poorly) it runs AmigaOS4.1FE, plus we know for sure how much it will cost, then I might have to re-evaluate my point of view regarding a community funded PPC motherboard.

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