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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    Yes, I was obviously referring to the original post-prototype Pegasos board, i.e. pre-April. I know you were key in financing the development and production of the intermediate "April" PCB that was added to the Pegasos PCB before it became available for non-betatesters. However, I remember that also the pre-April board was called Pegasos, and "Betatester" was used more like a byname.

    Actually, it referred to combinations of pre-release versions of the Pegasos as well as pre-release versions of MorphOS. Here is the original announcement text (added emphasis for clarity):

    "Announcing BETATESTER and Team Betatester!

    The time has come for Thendic-France/bplan to start selling machines. We are not going to call it the Pegasos for now. We are going to call the pre-release version of the Pegasos with the pre-release version of MorphOS for PPC: BETATESTER.

    MorphOS may not be ready for regular computer users, but it is ready for developers. You can purchase a BETATESTER for 1000 Euros (tax not included)."

    It is also worth nothing that the original BETATESTER priced at 1000 EUR was a 'complete system', not merely a mainboard with software.


    By the way, if my command of the English language isn't completely awry, "Betatestee" would have made way more sense as byname of the board ;-)

    See above. Initially, it was not used as a byname. Later on, it took on a different meaning and inspired the name of the MorphOS mailing lists, which were called "beta2" and "beta2-info" until 2004.
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