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    >> DCE wasn't paid for the manufacturing but only for the lease of the
    >> mounting machines. It was bplan staff who operated them.

    > Raquel and I ran the CPU cards through the wave solder machine after placing
    > the capacitors on the boards. Gerald and Thomas ran the SMT line with Thomas Dellert.
    > Thomas was paid for storing components at DCE, as well as for other services.

    Thanks for the additional info and for the confirmation that DCE wasn't commissioned to manufacture the boards.

    >> the involvement of the Genesi forerunner Thendic France started only
    >> when the Pegasos I design was completed.

    > the Aachen event marked the transition from the Betatester to the Pegasos. [...] The Pegasos
    > was called the "Betatester" before it shipped. There were a number of development challenges.
    > The Mai Logic Articia being the most troublesome. [...] we contributed significantly
    > to the cost of the development and were involved before the Pegasos was a product.

    Yes, I was obviously referring to the original post-prototype Pegasos board, i.e. pre-April. I know you were key in financing the development and production of the intermediate "April" PCB that was added to the Pegasos PCB before it became available for non-betatesters. However, I remember that also the pre-April board was called Pegasos, and "Betatester" was used more like a byname.


    By the way, if my command of the English language isn't completely awry, "Betatestee" would have made way more sense as byname of the board ;-)
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