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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    That's obviously not what I'm talking about. I was referring to the chronology, i.e. that the involvement of the Genesi forerunner Thendic France started only when the Pegasos I design was completed. Genesi was involved when the Pegasos II was designed. This doesn't imply that Bill Buck had a hand in routing its board components, does it?

    DCE wasn't paid for the manufacturing but only for the lease of the mounting machines. It was bplan staff who operated them.

    ...the day before the Aachen "show" in 2002 (& Genesi Aachen gallery) Raquel and I ran the CPU cards through the wave solder machine after placing the capacitors on the boards. Gerald and Thomas ran the SMT line with Thomas Dellert. Thomas was paid for storing components at DCE, as well as for other services.

    As I recall, the Aachen event marked the transition from the Betatester to the Pegasos. There were a number of "shows" prior to this (scroll down to links in Products Overview & History -- Genesi Products). There are actually pictures here from that time period too at DCE, in Frankfurt and Paris, and in Normandy.

    We reconnected post-VisCorp with Gerald at the Amiga show in Cologne in 2000 (Amiga-News.de Interveiw with Petro). The Pegasos was called the "Betatester" before it shipped. There were a number of development challenges. The Mai Logic Articia being the most troublesome. It is fair to say we contributed significantly to the cost of the development and were involved before the Pegasos was a product.

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