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    If the T2080 provides 99% of the performance of the P5020 and 90% of the performance of the P5040, at a substantially lower price, PLUS has the e6500 core with Altivec, I hope that Trevor is reading this thread and drops the X5000 w/P5040 design, and instead switches to a lower priced, high end AmigaOne system using the T2080 CPU in the future.

    Of course, for that to happen, he probably needs to sell more than 500 Tabor motherboards or complete systems, to allow him to continue forward in producing PPC motherboards for the AmigaOS4.x and MorphOS users.

    With all the negative discussion regarding the Tabor's CPU choice, I am nervous about how well the Tabor will sell, and how much poor sales could hurt A-Eon's future. I just hope that once the Tabor is released and tested running AmigaOS4.1FE, it's performance will disprove most of the negative comments made about it, and the sale price will be low enough to spur many hundred sales, so that A-Eon can hopefully continue and make better choices in the future.

    Trevor, if you are reading this, please add one or two of the MorphOS Dev. Team members to your decision making team, before you commit large sums of money on your next motherboard design. Although I might criticize some of your decisions (using hind sight long after the fact), I really do want to see you succeed and continue to provide hardware and software for the whole Amiga community, long into the future.

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