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    > from the DMIPS figures Andreas has provided a 1.8GHz T2080 would be almost
    > twice as powerful as a 2.2GHz P5040

    It's (1.8*8*3.0)/(2.2*4*3.0)-1=64% faster. But that's requiring SMP support anyway, which we don't have.

    > which, in itself, is twice as powerful as the T5020

    Assuming you mean the P5020, it's even (2.2*4)/(2.0*2)=2.2 times as fast.

    > that is with about 90% of the single threaded performance of the X5000.

    Yes, with X5000/40. Compared to X5000/20 it's (1.8*3.3)/(2.0*3.0)=99%.
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