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    redrumloa schrieb:

    It is really sad there is nothing in the consumer price range to rival a G5.

    Generally the e6500 based processors should compete well with the 970s. Unfortunately Freesacle doesn't drive the clock up that much, as they are going more into parallelisation.
    Real world tests of single core performance of a Powermac g5 @2.7 GHz vs. a T2080 clocked @1.8 GHZ would be interesting to see. Dunno how Ativec competes against VMX.

    But even if it would stay below the PowerMac G5 performance in single core it would be smaller, new and energy efficient. Many (me included) don't buy into G5 kit because of fear of leaky cooling, energy consumption and the neat, but bulky case. A T2080 design could be attractive in this regard - given the price tag stays sane.

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