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    minator wrote:
    Dethroning a G5 isn't exactly difficult these days, I expect most high end phones can do it now.

    I meant it in an "Amiga/MorphOS" context, which is why I specified single core :-) I doubt single core performance of these phones. without extra hardware, would dethrone the single core performance of a G5. But again, I mean speficially for running Amiga-likeNG code.


    POWER8 should completely annihilate it without going anywhere near 5GHz.

    What is the FPU situation on a P8? Does it have altivec? IIRC A_W posted a link some time back to a Tyan based P8 system that was $4k. if a company operating in this market wants to drop something high end, wouldn't that make more sense? I'd pay for a P8 based computer at $4k all day, compared to an X1000 at $3300.
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