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    Kronos wrote:
    There is no point in a new "Pegasos" as none of the SoCs by Freescale is powerfull enought to hold it's water against a PowerMacG5, with only one core used probraly not even a PowerMacG4. You'll end up with something somewhere between the SAM460 and X5000.

    A new "Efika" on the other hand..... sound USB2,GBit and SATA onboard, 1 or 2GB soldered, a SoC slightly more powerfull than a Peg2 and 1 PCIe for GFX all for 150-250€ retail....

    Basicly a Tabor with all the stupid removed ;)

    That is one option, but it makes us look like we are chasing A-eon/Hyperion.

    How about a T2080 based board?
    At up to 1.8 GHz it slower than the P5020 in the X5000, a lot faster than the P1022 in tabor, and only slightly more than twice the price of a P1022 (or in other words a fraction of the cost of the P5020).

    And its a four core, eight thread e6500 based CPU. That, under SMP would beat our Macs.

    And it could be priced close to (or slightly higher than) what the Peg2 was originally. In other word, not dirt cheap, but not two grand.

    How about a name even?


    Better than existing solutions and fairly cheap.

    My two cents (with a definite nod to Andreas and several others).

    PS - Stop worrying about Hyperion. Our primary focus should be ...well US. Hyperion is a business, if it would sell copies of OS4, why wouldn't they support it?

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