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    Just because MorphOS remains limited to a single core does not necessarily justify creating a similarly limited hardware design.

    If it's a low end niche they're aiming to fill, my wishlist would be something like this:

    #1 A healthy amount of on-board memory. If it's a single 32bit cpu, just give it 4GB.
    #2 The computer should run silently with no risk of overheating or at least have such a mode.
    #3 Fast msata / m2 please!
    #4 All the other obvious stuff - graphics (beyond full hd?), sound, usb, ethernet (wifi?)
    #5 Sensible phone charger style DC power rather than clunky ATX style connector.

    If they're aiming higher than that, I'd want it to be as much like a modern PC motherboard - sans competition stifling bios of course! A 64bit Pegasos 3 would be most welcome.

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    PPC assembly ain't so bad... ;)
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