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    Kronos wrote:

    It ain't 2005 anymore !! Really just have a look around in the less-nutty corners of OS4-land and you'll see.

    I know it isn't 2005 anymore. But instead of getting more sane, A-Eonkit and HYPErion seem to be doubling down. X1000 only came out a few years ago. Was that sane?


    Noone there expects "red" HW that isn't either dog-slow, crappy and/or super expensive and people are getting fed up with it.

    And yet A-Eonkit is doubling down, no? I guess we need to see the final consumer price of the Tabor to know for sure. I think people expecting a $250 board with OS4 bundled will be disappointed. We'll see.


    Not saying that these people would buy a MorphOS-only QorIQfiKA, but Hyperion will have a harder time getting people to buy 2000$++ AEon-board that offer the same performance in reallife.

    I would think so, but A-Eonkit sure don't and their strongest supporters don't think so. I didn't expect the X1000 to sell 50, but by all accounts it sold some number north of 200, with some suggestions over 500. The X5000 will be over $2,500 and A-Eonkit will have a lot invested in it. Will HYPErion really chose to support a theoretical $300 board from Genesi over their partners?
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