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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > if the classic API compatiblity sails over the cliff most of the stuff will require
    > more or less just a recompile.

    Doesn't API incompatibility imply source code incompatibility?


    Parts where software hacked/accessed system structures need to be rewritten for sure, but beside that it simply should work.


    jPV wrote:
    Not sure how many 68k libs, mui classes, devices, etc are still critical too... and something else I'm not thinking now :)

    Well, those 68k mui classes, devices and etc will be obsolete when not using 68k applications anymore. Virus scanner? Seriously?

    Sure we have no proper office applications. But those are even so old that a simple UAE can deal with them. Still not need to invent some PPC emulator.

    However. You donĀ“t know what will be available in 2017. Maybe those gabs are already closed by then. Who knows.

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