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    deka wrote:

    geit wrote:
    If you currently take a look onto your system and count the 68K applications you really need this is more or less nothing and till then it will shrink even further.

    No sense to keep the backward compatibility further. The amount of usable old stuff is very limited. The memory protection/SMP/more RAM gives more value to MOS, than the execution of old stuff.

    For me the biggest hit would come to productivity software side currently. I still use many 68k painting programs (fxPaint, ArtEffect, Photogenics, TVPaint, etc) and office programs (FinalWriter, AmigaWriter, etc). There still aren't any good native programs on those areas, and it would be a huge task to create that kinds of "major" programs from scratch.

    And then I use 68k Magellan2 all the time, but theoretically there could be a working port of it by then :)

    Then there's lack of small native utils in certain areas... where I still use 68k programs. Like mp3 tag editors, virus killers, internet utils (DCTelnet, netmount, RC-ftpd, etc), and few nice shell commands I still use... I have feeling that for some of them there won't be new native versions to fill the gap ever :)

    And one big loss for me would be the loss of 68k filesystem compatibility. I use to prep / copy stuff a lot to Amiga mass storage devices to be used in the real 68k Amigas. It's been so easy and quick to do that when devices just mount to a MorphOS machine automatically.

    And of course loss of ARexx. I don't think the native port of ARexx would come any more probable than it's been for years now. There is Lua now of course, but there are still that many useful Arexx scripts still, and many programs rely on it... unless someone goes and ports them all to Lua :)

    Not sure how many 68k libs, mui classes, devices, etc are still critical too... and something else I'm not thinking now :)
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