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    I am ready for MorphOS-NG. If that means throwing out backwards compatibility completely, so be it.

    I think it is fair to assume 3rd party will get us UAE in a reasonable amount of time. It sounds like UAE may get more robust PPC support in the future. If the MorphOS team soften their stance on emulator usage, the PPC side of compatibility may fall in line by 3rd party too.

    Either way, MorphOS-NG is needed. I hope it gets front burner soon. If the MorphOS team need funds, I'd throw into a bounty or a Kickstarter. The development team have the best track record and are the most competent I have seen. What they have done with the resources at hand is impressive.


    geit wrote:
    Well, i guess we can say that any port of that kind is years away and i really don´t think we need any PPC or 68K emulation then. In fact with all the 64bit, endian, memprotection involved a full size emulatior would be required to run old stuff, but for what?

    Most of the current applications are already available in C source or the developers are still active. So if the classic API compatiblity sails over the cliff most of the stuff will require more or less just a recompile.

    If you currently take a look onto your system and count the 68K applications you really need this is more or less nothing and till then it will shrink even further.

    Yeah, some old games will fail, but well. Thats live. I don´t see a point in spending tons of human resources in a development which benefits are quite limited. They are better spent in creating a fully featured replacement instead of still sitting on ancient software anyone would love to replace.

    This stuff could be added by some third party, like its done on windows with WinUAE, but I do not think any OS developer needs to be involved here.

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