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    Yasu wrote:

    Well, he didn't tell me much more but x86/AMD64 seems like a likely bet. And as for time span, best would be not to guess at all.

    Just general thoughts..

    Hmm.. What all would happen then? If we wanted to run legacy stuff, would some sort of built in "UAE" kindy proggy kick in and run the software or we would have to run e-uae or something?

    Obviously a rewrite of some sorts for MorphOS. What all would that give MorphOS? Easier access to x86 based software like on Linux or something? Meaning, if they wanted X game or X utility and it exists under Linux, easier to port to x86 MorphOS vs PPC MorphOS?

    Anyway, like I've always said, MorphOS Devs just kick ass. Bad ass plan to go x86. I'm sure when the time comes and they release some sort of ideas on what they're thinkin, it'll look even better.
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