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    > More RAM available for application i.e. 200MB.

    You mean 1.7 GiB instead of 1.5 GiB?


    Unfortunatly no extra 200MB on the Efika. :)

    We demoed Pagestream 5, SoundBankster, DigiBooster, Reader, CSVBase and other upcoming stuff at our booth.

    The A4000-PPC was running MorphOS 3.8. It would run 3.10 as well, but we did not update in time and updating on the meeting could have caused unforseen problems. Thats why it stayed at 3.8. No risk to keep the fun :D

    I personally saw it for the first time and it is quite nice. I personally would have expected it to be much slower, but it was quite useful.

    A release is not planned as it may be a support hell not only due the fragile hardware. Also there is no installation support of any kind yet, so you need to be highly experienced with Classic and MorphOS hard and software to deal with it.


    Yasu wrote:
    Meating the Team was the highlight for me at Neuss. I was more starstruck by them than by R J Mical, Dave Haynie and Petro T :-)

    Well, you weren´t alone. When walking around a guy, from accent i think he was from italy, stepped back from a booth turning towards me.

    He froze eyes on my name tag: "You are geit!" "Yes!" (I would have said more, but my voice was non existing the hole day, so i saved as much words as i could) "From MorphOS Team"
    Again I answered with a small "Yes" but smiling. We exchanged a few words and i pointed at our booth, were the real awesome people were. He said he circled our booth several times with some distance not being able to walk anywhere near. I guess he was starstruck as hell.

    Until then I did not even cross my mind that anyone could see me that way. But after some rethinking it kind of surprised me that people like piru, itix, cisc I was looking up to in my early amiga days, are the same i am working and talking to every day now, which kind of made me part of it.

    Even funnier that a few minutes earlier is was thinking "Wow. I just talked to Chris Hülsbeck!" :D
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