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    redrumloa wrote:

    KennyR wrote:
    The endless cycle.

    1) Demand ports of x to y.

    2) Believe it's not going to happen after months waiting and buy z in the meantime.

    3) Port of x to y is finally completed.

    4) Ignore x on y and demand port of x to z instead.

    Bzzt! Wrong! Speak for yourself with a Pesgasos I!

    I bought a Peg1 when it came out, eventually selling.
    I bought G4 machines when support was added, eventually selling.
    I bought G5 AGP machines when support was added.

    See a pattern? I currently have TWO registered G5 AGP machines. If G5 PCIe support was added, I'd buy at least one and register it, then sell one of my AGP G5 creating a new user.

    I'm not a developer, I'm a user. I can only vote with my wallet.

    +1 Damned skippy, Jim.

    I'd register mine immediately.

    And Andreas, quote #64, also spot on.

    The fact that there IS somewhere to go is a nice surprise.

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