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    redrumloa wrote:
    I didn't buy the Quad because it doesn't seem like it will ever get supported. It's a shame, I don't care if I have to slap a network card in it and possibly change the video card. I appreciate they are probably worried about the least technical people out there, but stated AS-IS support with no nic driver would seem to be low hanging fruit.

    Since there is a limited G5 class support, and there is a PCI-E gfx support, there is not much PREVETING MOS AGAINST IT (maybe some nVIDIA video driver G5 quad support).

    Full MOS4 support (all 4 cores) would make this "PPC giants" as high end MOS PPC machines. I am sure future MOS4 if ever existed in PPC(PPC64) mode, could be a suitable thing for those big box beasts.

    In fact, there are only PA semi, Full dual/quad G5 and future Tabor to be supported (all dualcores +). It would be a real shame for future MOS4 PPC not to. If butterfly is really to Morph all machines to blue :-)

    I highly doubt x5000/040 will ever see light of the day, and even then that MOS4 will utilize it fully before mythical OS 4.2 from my x1000 manual, ever comes to be in Hyperion download section.

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