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    marmotta wrote:
    The simples solution is not dual video card? Original Apple card for OpenFirmware and Osx, and another card (normal RadeonHD pc card) for Morphos. With two monitors or switch.

    P.s. second video card is also good for linux ;-)

    That would depend on how MorphOS initiates video cards, as MorphOS can only use one Radeon card.
    If the card you want to run OSX or Linux with initializes before the card you want to run MorphOS on, your solution won't work.

    I have a PCIe riser with a molex power plug that I may modify for this use.
    Add a switch to turn off the power, no card is seen and the OS will boot off the PC card.

    You can swap the radeonhd on pcie 16x and original Apple Nvidia on 8x, linux go without problems with RadeonHD.

    Look this tread:

    Ubuntu Forum

    Edit: the best for compatibility is use RadeonHd on 8x pcie

    That would work, Radeon PC card for MorphOS and Nvidia Apple card for OSX.
    If you connected both to the same monitor you could probably limit your system to one display without using a VGA or DVI switch.
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