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    > Have there been any recent statements on if these models will be supported?


    Sadly, nothing has changed since my last post in this thread (09.10.2015). Mac Radeons X1900 are hard to find and it would not very professional from Team point of view to ask users to seek for Radeons with PC bioses and reflash it and deal with problems after reflashing.

    Since the team has been working on the port to the X5000, which also has PCIe for video card, wouldn't it just make more sense that they will also improve the support for RadeonHD PCIe video cards by completing 3D support, as well as improving the existing 2D and compositing support

    Current MorphOS version displays (indeed with no accelleration whatsoever, not even 2D, but at least it *displays*) on:

    AMD Radeon HD 2400
    AMD Radeon HD 3450
    AMD Radeon HD 4350
    AMD Radeon HD 4550
    AMD Radeon HD 4650
    AMD Radeon HD 5450
    AMD Radeon HD 6450
    AMD Radeon HD 6570
    AMD Radeon HD 7570
    AMD Radeon HD 7570

    To me, this is a statement of commitment. Especially considering their earlier policy of not even showing/allowing an un-accellerated display until the 2D/3D accellerated support was finished. IMHO they wouldn't even have included this display-only support in the public release if they weren't working on a follow-up release with proper support.

    They are supporting Sam460 and X5000, they are aware of what GFX cards that owners of these boards have/will have.

    Besides, proper support for these GFX cards (and later) will be mandatory for the x64 migration, it can't happen without it. This I think also speaks in favor of proper support being imminent.

    Regarding the question "if", I think it's a safe bet. "When" is probably the real question here. I'd say in release 3.10. I believe much speaks in favor of this. Maybe it's even this that is holding the 3.10 release back?



    The work needed to accomplish such support for the last few G5 systems might be better spent working on the x64 version of MorphOS.


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