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    zukow wrote:

    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > Have there been any recent statements on if these models will be supported?


    Sadly, nothing has changed since my last post in this thread (09.10.2015). Mac Radeons X1900 are hard to find and it would not very professional from Team point of view to ask users to seek for Radeons with PC bioses and reflash it and deal with problems after reflashing. The second problem is question how many users would register this version. Doing this version for 10 users is not the option. One can Create a poll, it would be nic to know how many users would buy it.

    Since the team has been working on the port to the X5000, which also has PCIe for video card, wouldn't it just make more sense that they will also improve the support for RadeonHD PCIe video cards by completing 3D support, as well as improving the existing 2D and compositing support (is compositing support already completed for RadeonHD cards)?

    That would make more sense to me than doing any additional work on X1900 video cards which are hard to find.

    I suppose that getting new RadeonHD video cards to display the Mac Open Firmware is the problem with this solution, as I am unfamiliar with what current video cards are supported by MacOSX, and any support that currently exists would likely not help in an old G5 PCIe PowerMac. Hopefully there will be some kind of work around to give us good choices of video cards to put into the last generation of G5 PowerMacs running MorphOS, if MorphOS is indeed ever ported to such G5 systems.

    The work needed to accomplish such support for the last few G5 systems might be better spent working on the x64 version of MorphOS.
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