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    zukow wrote:
    PowerMac G5 pcie comes with Nvidia 6600Le, which isn't supported by MorphOS. That's the first problem. Radeon X1900XT for Powermac aren't easy to buy and they are quite expensive. You can always buy PC card and reflash it but mac bios for these cards isn't supported well in Morphos (original mac and reflashed ones). Since Morphos 3.8 You can use PC card with pc bios in Macs (7.3 also) and it works. But in this mode you can't access OpenFirmware, run MacosX etc. You get black screen and wait for (or forever) MorphOS boot screen so You cant boot from usb, check what is wrong, access apple boot menu.

    Minor problems come from not written yet drivers for some peripherals. I encourage from time to time, some other team members to fix issues but for today X5000 port has a high priority.

    Beside having beta port not usable yet, i got 188 fps in Q3 which is the best results in amiga world :)

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